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  2. Juliette BrindakWhen 10 ans Juliette Brindak a commenc茅 脿 dessiner des personnages pour divertir sa s艙ur de 8 ans, elle ne savait pas qu’il allait devenir une entreprise $ 15 millions de dollars mais sept ans plus tard, c’est exactement ce qui s’est pass茅. Mlle O et amis est maintenant le plus grand site en ligne pour les filles de 8 脿 14 ans, une communaut茅 sociale qui comprend des babillards 茅lectroniques, des jeux, des quiz, et plus encore. Brindak re莽u d’importants investissements de Procter Gamble et a 茅tendu sa marque 脿 inclure des livres, des v锚tements, des accessoires et plus.

  3. In the radio story we are told that it is a servant girl who is pointing at the princess’s hair. I reasoned that if this were depicted on the tablet by the artist another and equal interpretation would be that it was the servant girl who having been sent to accompany a princess from the imperial court who was in fact the bringer of secrets? A more likely truth? One which could so easily be hidden in a story that lays both the blame and the credit at the feet of a real princess. A real princess who may well have not survived the journey. After all why would an imperial daughter want to betray her father?

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  5. The Dining Dead. They sit among us, eyes cast down, chins touching their chests, a soft, electric glow on their faces, communicating in grunts. Occasionally, they can be spotted looking ahead, unattached to technology, but staring past their dining companions. There are entire families. Periodically, on Saturdays, we’ll print information on interesting contests. Who knows you could be a winner. Good luck! WIN A DREAM WEDDING To celebrate the publication of etiquette expert Peggy Post’s newest book, Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette, she has teamed up with American Express Gift Cheques to offer couples a chance to win a dream wedding. But there are ways to respond when confronted with another person’s rudeness. It’s all in your approach. Here are some expert suggestions: THE PROBLEM: GUM POPPING You could be listening to actors onstage, riding the bus or in the workplace, and suddenly someone popping gum shatters the silence. SOLUTIONS It could be a nervous habit, so don’t be so quick to deem it rude behavior, says Maximillian Wachtel, a licensed psychologist in Denver.

  6. Jim Van Buskirk, Lambda Book Report, June, 1998