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  3. Happily, both queens have graced the MBT stage before: Julie Glander (Mary, Queen of Scotland) in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Ruth Crawford (Elizabeth, Queen of England) most recently in last season’s Ding Dong. The cast includes other faces familiar to MBT audiences: Trudy Mason (Hannah Kennedy), Paul Riopelle (Paulet), Thomas D. Mahard (Lord Burleigh), Hugh Maguire (Count Aubespine and Melvil), Mark Rademacher (Earl of Shrewsbury), Loren Bass (Earl of Leicester). It was a pleasure to see Hilberry Theatre alums Jordan Whalen (as the fanatical Mortimer) and Peter C. Prouty (in multiple roles, ranging from a guard to a French ambassador). New to the MBT stage were Meredith Gifford, Casey Hibbert, Rob Arbaugh and Andrew Danner.

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